Contemporary Challenges

Anti-Victim Legislation

The Democrat controlled Colorado Legislature has embarked on a mission to hamstring law enforcement and condone criminal activity at the expense of victims and the community at large. Just of few of the legislative measures which demonstrate this include:

  • SB 21-182 School Discipline Bill
  • SB 21-062 Jail Population Management Bill
  • SB 21-273 Colorado Pre-Trial Reform

Jeff will engage with the State Legislature and ardently oppose any bill which protects criminals’ rights rather than victim’s rights.

Attacks On Our Right To Keep And Bear Arms

We are experiencing unprecedented attacks on our Constitutional rights in Colorado, specifically our right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article II, Section 13 of the Colorado State Constitution. Some of the bills attacking our rights are:

  • Colorado’s Red Flag/Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation
  • SB 21-256 Local Regulation of Firearms
  • HB 21-1298 Expand Firearm Transfer Background Checks
  • HB 21-2199 Office of Gun Violence Prevention
  • HB 21-1355 Safe Storage

Jeff is tenured firearms instructor in a number of disciplines and a lifelong gun enthusiast and gun rights supporter. As Sheriff, he will always protect your right to keep and bear arms and will never enforce laws which infringe on these rights.

Mental Heath

Jeff will implement effective, Constitutional strategies to address the ever-increasing number of people experiencing mental health crisis in Larimer County. He will spearhead an effort to partner with other Larimer County law enforcement agencies, mental health clinicians and emergency medical service providers to develop the Larimer County Mental Health Task Force. Law enforcement has utilized a task force model to investigate narcotic offenses for years. Its time we utilize this model to address the mental health crisis our community is facing.

Larimer County deserves a Sheriff who has the character, experience and vision to serve with Constitutional leadership on day one. Jeff is that candidate.

As your Larimer County Sheriff, Jeff will fight for you. He will actively engage with the Colorado Legislature and fight to stop any legislation which undermines our Constitutional rights, or makes our county more vulnerable to crime, disorder or violence.