Dear Jeff Fisher

On behave of the members of the Louisville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #63 I am happy and honored to announce our endorsement for your candidacy for the Larimer County Sheriff.

Your 21 years of law enforcement in Larimer Country makes you uniquely qualified to relate and understand the needs of a robust and diverse county. In addition, in the 7 years with the Louisville Police Department you have demonstrated leadership and vision in a difficult and changing world while holding true to your commitment to defend the Constitution and the equal protection for all.

While Louisville and Boulder County will lose your valuable experience and guidance, Larimer County will undoubtedly benefit from your talents, leadership, and vision.

Michael Miller, President F.O.P Lodge #63

“The goals & direction Jeff is planning to take the Larimer County Sheriff Office, when elected, are truly for the good of Larimer County. I give my support and endorse Jeff Fisher for Larimer County Sheriff.”

Jarrod D. Poley, Jackson County Sheriff

“It’s my honor to endorse Jeff Fisher and support his campaign to become your next Larimer County Sheriff. Jeff’s ongoing dedication to law enforcement through SAFETY, SERVICE, and LEADERSHIP is a successful recipe for any Sheriff position and is vital for an efficient and effective law enforcement leader as they work to protect their community. I was born and raised in Larimer County, and my parents & family still call it their home.Their safety is paramount to me, just as your family’s safety is to you! Jeff Fisher has earned my support, respect, and most importantly my trust in keeping my family safe.”

Brett Schroetlin, Grand County Sheriff
Larimer County has come to rely heavily on strong leadership from the position of Sheriff. There is a legacy of commitment and dedication from past Sheriffs who have served their community sacrificially—through wildfires and floods to navigating an uptick in crime and criminal justice reform. The coming election will determine whether this legacy continues. When I worked with Jeff Fisher, I saw him as a solution-oriented leader, devoted to community safety. His tenure in law enforcement has placed him in a variety of situations where he has proven his merit. He brings the education and experience needed to run the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office with distinction. It’s my honor to endorse Jeff Fisher in his candidacy as the next Larimer County Sheriff.

Michael T. McIntosh
Adams County Sheriff, Retired
RMGO-PAC is proud to endorse Jeff Fisher for the office of Larimer County Sheriff. Anyone who knows Jeff knows he is a lifelong gun enthusiast and staunch gun rights advocate. Jeff has consistently and openly opposed – and refused to enforce – Red Flag/ERPO laws, magazine capacity restrictions, so-called ‘assault weapons’ bans and all other legislative attacks on our right to keep and bear arms.

Jeff understands our Second Amendment rights are under attack at an unprecedented level in Colorado. He is running as a Constitutional candidate and has vowed to protect our rights. The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county, and a very important elected official – especially to gun owners. If you value your right to keep and bear arms, Jeff Fisher is the only choice for Larimer County Sheriff.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners
As someone who has been fighting to defend Liberty, to push back against the entrenched establishment, I understand the importance of electing those who are willing to sacrifice and to fight for your Liberty.

I take very seriously the vote for sheriff and while I know both candidates are skilled law enforcement professionals, I believe there is only one candidate who understands that they are accountable directly to the constitution of the State, the United States Constitution, and the citizens of their county.

That candidate is Jeff Fisher. Larimer County needs a sheriff who walks the talk when it comes to integrity, transparency, and accountability.

That person is Jeff Fisher.I support Jeff and I encourage you to join me in supporting Jeff as the constitutional sheriff for Larimer County.

Director Nancy Rumfelt
Thompson RJ-2
Board of Education
“In Larimer County, for Sheriff I recommend Jeff Fisher. I have listened to both candidates several times, and whereas I see some encouraging aspects of both men, I have a greater confidence level in Jeff’s ability to lead and his basic principles of good government policies.”
– Kevin Lundberg, Fmr. Colorado State Senator
“Jeff Fisher has served the citizens of Larimer County as both a law enforcement officer and active community member for the last two decades. His successful, decorated 29-year law enforcement career in 3 Northern Colorado counties has been predicated on integrity, bold leadership and hard work. He has demonstrated this repeatedly throughout his campaign, which he began over a year ago. Jeff is tested and proven. He understands the contemporary challenges facing our community, and he has concrete plans to address them. Jeff is exactly who we need right now. For these reasons, and many more, I endorse Jeff Fisher for the office of Larimer County Sheriff.”

– Jon Mallo, Loveland City Council
I want to endorse the hardest working candidate I have seen in a long time! Jeff Fisher is a third generation Colorado native and longtime Loveland resident. He has served in public safety all his adult life. He has 29 years of honorable law enforcement service in Northern Colorado, almost two decades of which were with the City of Loveland Police Department. Jeff has experience in all levels of police work, and he currently serves as a deputy chief of police. Jeff has the integrity, experience, vision and courage to safeguard our public safety and our Constitutional rights. It is my pleasure to endorse Jeff Fisher to be our next Larimer County Sheriff. So – for you late voters, get out there and vote, but lets put some ‘new ideas’ in charge of the Sheriff’s department! Whoever wins the Primary is your new Sheriff!!

– John Fogle, Loveland City Council