Priorities & Vision

Set The Bar

Jeff will establish Values, a Mission Statement and goals for the Sheriff’s Office which reflect and reinforce his commitment to protecting the life, property and the Constitutional rights of all community members through excellent public safety service. The cornerstones of these values will be: COMMUNICATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPECT, TRANSPARENCY.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Sheriff has an obligation to be a good steward of taxpayers’ money. Jeff will audit each division of the Sheriff’s Office to identify areas for immediate improvement in efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Jeff will expand the use of non-sworn (civilian) staff to handle duties which do not absolutely require a sworn deputy.
He will expand the Reserve Deputy and Posse Units of the Office to augment staffing and expand the Office’s visibility, effectiveness and accessibility to Larimer County residents.

He will Increase focus on fiscal responsibility by prioritizing core law enforcement services and identifying alternative funding sources whenever possible.


Jeff will implement strategies to recruit, hire and retain a qualified, diverse group of deputies and non-sworn staff to provide excellent public safety service to the people of Larimer County.

The Sheriff’s Office must accurately reflect the demographics of Larimer County. Jeff will increase the representation of women and people of color in supervisory and command positions in the Sheriff’s Office.
He will develop and implement a robust leadership succession plan in the Sheriff’s Office to ensure department members have a clearly defined path to grow in their careers.
He will implement effective, Constitutional strategies to address the ever-increasing number of people experiencing mental health crises in Larimer County.
He will increase the focus on contemporary training and education for all Sheriff’s Office employees and volunteers in the areas of communication, crisis intervention, conflict de-escalation, mental health and employee health, safety and wellness
All Americans have the right to due process. Jeff will ensure all Sheriff’s Office members are afforded due process in professional standards and personnel matters.
Jeff will increase collaboration with area law enforcement partners and Larimer County residents to clearly identify community expectations and implement strategies to exceed them together.